Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Triumph Over Adversity, or #2 was #2 then We were #2

Where to begin? Lets spin back the clock to october to begin this saga, Osoyoos season closer. After once again performing as only Demonica can and completing our race day the ol girl decides not too back off the trailer. No worries got all season to fix the tranny right. Well as these things usually go I found myself elbow deep in Trick Shift ATF a week before Cactus Jalopies in Osoyoos (June 10-12), expecting a simple repair I was sorry to discover that the rear band in the ol 727 was trying to escape thru the top of the transmission case, bad news.

Luckily we keep our feathers numbered...No wait, I mean we keep 2 race transmissions on hand for such occsasions. Of course the spare tranny had the low roller blown apart mid season and someone hadn't gotten to fixing it although the parts were on hand. So after a quick overhaul and replacement the trans was ready to rock, quick dose of fresh Penzoil 5w50 synthetic and off to the track. Right?
7.53, 7.54 followed by 8.20? WTF!? Seven Cylinders my friends, first engine problem in the better half of a decade. Seems the #2 intake rocker rejected its roller tip and sent the valve dropping into the cylinder where, we learned later, it ever so gently kissed the piston and bent into a bit of an S shape.

Just one bent valve and 13 of 16 rockers failed won't stop us. Polara Pat, Graham and I had her ship shape in no time and off to race 1 at Thunder Mountain in Kelowna. The plan was; I run saturday in the King of the Hill cash race and Pat runs Sunday in Race 1.

A good plan only counts til the action starts. After only 1 qualifying pass on saturday the day was called on account of rain. Did that dampen our spirits? Of course not we're seasoned veterans and know why they call it "THUNDER" Mountain.

Our new friends at "SMOKED" who had the food truck duties for the weekend however, were brand new to the scene. No worries we showed em the ropes, always make friends with purveyors of succulent pork, I always say.

Sunday came along with everyone hungry for racing action and after some blistering qualifying passes, including a WOSN record at thunder mountain of 7.56 at over 89 mph, Pat piloted the wagon to the finals. This included a semi final bye run (balls out of course) thanks to a razor sharp .020 reaction time in the previous round.

Unfortunately you can only balance on the razor`s edge for so long and our day ended with a .007 second red light in the finals against a perfect 7.85 on a 7.85 dial by our competitor in his 440 powered Dart. All 440 Mopar final though, and the prize money covered our fuel for the weekend. Sweet. There you have it, from number 2 to number 2. Gotta love racing.


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