Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fix, Race, Break, Repeat

Sooo, remember when we fixed those broken rocker arms a few weeks back? And then proceeded to kick ass? Well last race weekend didn't quite unfold that way.
Pictured above is a sheared off oil pump drive. From a 440 mopar. In a 1967 Monaco. Named Demonica. And apparently all the good intentions and kick ass sponsors can't help you when your oil pump sucks up a needle bearing from a previously broken roller rocker and subsequently stops turning. Which means no oil pressure, which means the ol race motor is on borrowed seconds.
So lets focus on Graham's 330. Seems our junkyard 440 temporary transplant paid off, as the old girl drove 4 hours to the track, pulled off multiple 10 second passes ( that's 2 seconds faster than the poly 318 did ) and still drove home. Driving to the track, swapping on some slicks, racing and still driving home afterward is a solid goal for any street machine and the 330 came thru with shining colours. Just wait 'til we get the badass motor together again, I can't wait.
Deciding to take the high road and have a look at the bearings in Demonica before running her again we had a nice quiet night at thunder mountain. Quiet by thunder standards anyway, the campfire in the "PARTY PITS" was attended well into the wee hours. There were smores and tube meat just in case anyone was concerned.
Big thanks to Bill for dragging our drag car onto the trailer with the track tow truck before racing began on sunday. You'll all be glad to here that the bearings aren't showing any copper and we have a bunch of oiling system upgrade goodies on order. Even an oil pan without dents!! Crazy, I know. Should be back rattling windows by the end of the week. Unless it takes til thursday night before our next race weekend. Wouldn't wanna speculate either way. Keep yer fingers crossed.

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