Monday, September 05, 2011

MMMM, Racing

Best dressed crew at Thunder Mountain...gnawing on turkey legs like animals. Barbaric? Yes. Perfect? Yes as well. A good time was had by all. Demonica was back to her old self, going fast with no major problems, our fastest pass yet at thunder mountain. 7.55 if you're keeping notes. Since we weren't busy fixing stuff there was some time to relax hang out at the Smoked truck and do what we do best.

We can't thank the volunteers enough, especially Jim here, he's responsible for applying copious amounts of VHT traction compound to the track, after adjusting our new Caltracs adjustable shocks and some wicked smoky burnouts the ol girl produced a demonic 1.666 second 60 foot time and improved from there, punishing the 10.5" Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks so generously supplied by Kal Tire.
Then everything turned tragic when I accidentally backed over Pat. Just kidding.
I did it on purpose. Still kidding, he's actually adjusting the shocks. Don't be shocked, he actually does this kind of thing pretty often, its just poorly documented. I say, More Photos Of Pat's Feet!

Oh and just a note from last time, apparently almost no one watched Iddiocracy recently enough to get all my jokes. Sigh.... Better luck next time.
So maybe watch some movies, perhaps The Simpsons, and check out the El Chupacabra page soon, I've been sanding and filling like a madman. Later.

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