Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hot Wagon on Wagon Action

Ok, maybe not hot but at least way warmer than it is outside. As of this post there is a fresh skim of snow on the ground and its about 5 degrees below freezing. Good time to be indoors, I'm sure Malbotia and her evil twin Demonica are enjoying the warmth stacked double decker with my newest aquisition, ie a slightly used 30 year old 4 post lift. Its the only real answer when you discover you have more projects on the go than parking spaces indoors. With El Chupacabra II finally in paint and back at Pat's place for final reassembly, we've gotten down to business stuffing the back shop for the long cold winter ahead of us.
Plans include freshening up the ol race mill with some fresh bearings. This was actually planned for last winter but somehow building the altered wheelbase ate up all the time available, so we opted to run "one more season" on the old bearings. All well and good until you, oh I don't know, say, seize up an oil pump. That minor catastrophe removed what little resistance was left I'm guessing as we did post a record ET afterward.
So besides overdue maintenance there are little plans for the big black car. Our evil minds are still concocting plans. We are however busy with a few other irons in the fire. The mighty Atomic 6 is one bay over from the black beauties for a minimum of interior work, and probably paint and the much awaited turbo upgrade. My all but forgotten Coronet will flank them on the other side and finally continue moving forward, disc brake install being next on the list before suspension and powertrain mockup. Not to mention our 56 Chevy sedan delivery and the old man's duramax tow rig project. I have a feeling we'll run out of winter before we run out of things to keep us busy.
Now to put the plow truck back together and watch the snow fall. Project updates to come.


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