Sunday, June 03, 2012

Atomic Six

Its been a long winter, ever so busy, not so much with the posting ( sorry ) but busy none the less. I'm not sure what possessed me but I'm blaming some beautiful light metallic blue paint. Playing body man once again. The original plan involved refreshing the interior, painting the dash etc, then I got the bright idea to paint the door jambs, which meant getting the body colour paint, which like I said is gorgeous. So here we are,

after a little patching, too many hours of sanding filler and several more of sanding primer I'm a little less sane ( believe it or not ) but she looks a million times better. That one primer door has been pushing my buttons for too long. Pretty impressive, especially being an original 66 Plymouth colour, outside anyway. You may recognize the dash color from El Chupacabra II, but for its chronicles you'll have to check out , Pat'll tell Ya'll all about it.

More to come,


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Raymond Graves said...

WOW, Looks brand new, how long you to do this?